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Classmate Updates

    An update from Linda Cheatum:

    This summer, my husband (Jerry Dunham) and I were at Dawson Creek, BC ready to start the Alcan Highway. It was a 2 month airstream caravan and we logged 16,000 plus miles. I'll tell you it was a once in a lifetime adventure and I never saw so many bears and glaciers in my life.

    (Jerry and I) are referred to as CheatumDunham. Being a woman liber, I didn't change my name. (click on photo for larger image)


    An update from Paul Kositzka:

    We’re still living in the Low Country, SC on the Intracoastal in Beaufort. We have 12 grandchildren from 26 down to 6 and our first great-grandchild – Cole. I’ve been much blessed and much luckier that I deserve.

    I’ve been semi-retired from my CPA firm (in Alexandria, VA) for the last seven years, telecommuting with private networks, email, faxes, etc. It’s amazing what you can do today that was impossible a short time ago. My plan is to finally cut the cord with the Firm after this next tax season.

    We’ve been able to travel some over the last several years and except for Istanbul, Turkey I’ve pretty much checked the boxes on my first-tier bucket list. (I haven’t given up on Istanbul yet.)

    We’ll be making our third trip to Italy this coming summer/fall. In addition to all the other blessings our health (age adjusted) is quite good so barring any unpleasant surprises we are looking forward to a gentle retirement watching our grandchildren and their parents move forward in their lives.

    To my surprise and some personal disapproval I’ve found I’m enjoying playing golf; after years of finding it annoying, time consuming and expensive. Down here it’s not that expensive, I’ve got a lot more time and I’ve learned to accept my limitations. My bag still includes a genuine persimmon 5 wood, which might give some clue as to the state of my game.

    I’m glad to hear Linda (Fuhrman) is doing well and hasn’t run off to Alaska. I’ve missed the last several reunions due to conflicts in schedules. I’m really hoping to make it to the 55th – 55th! Good grief, I never would have thought I’d make it this far. By the way, is Walt Tool running the restaurant now? As I recall he was in the ’60 class?

    As for planning, just keep in mind this is the class of ’61 – no more than 3 bands, 3 open bars, 3 late nights and 3 EMS wagons standing by. ;-)

    Thanks for the email Bill.

    Paul Kositzka

    (To answer Paul's question, Tool's Restaurant was purchased from Walt Tool by Gus Tsokanis in 1984. Mr. Tsokanis recently passed away and it is now being operated by his two daughters, Katie and Lisa.)

    An update from Louise Calisto:

    Hi from sunny West Palm Beach, Florida.

    It's been a pretty big year all around. Heyward Williams and I got married on Sanibel Island, Florida, on April 10, and ever since then we have been both busy and happy. We have been working on our side-by-side condos, and now have all the major projects completed, including joining the two terraces and landscaping the back yard.

    In September we got together with a group of BCHSers who have been traveling together for years. Sixteen of us cruised on the Norwegian Gem for a week. We went north to Halifax and the Bay of Fundy, and came home via some lovely ports of call from Bar Harbor to Boston. Next November we will be sailing again, this time to the Caribbean, on the maiden voyage of the Escape. Linda Ann Logan Bird has been the organizer of these trips for many years, and we were so happy to be able to join them this past year. (If you are interested in joining the November 2015 Cruise from Miami on the brand-new Norwegian Escape, please contact Louise for additional details at

    In October we buried my Dad, Jim Calisto, with full military honors. He was 95 and had been in declining health for two years. He was with the 384th in England, as a navigator on B-17's (think Memphis Belle).

    Finally, at year-end we welcomed both of my children, four grandchildren, and other friends and relatives, for a barbecue and family reunion.

    Take care, and Happy 2015.

    Louise Calisto (Warner) Williams

    (click on photos for larger images)

    From Left to right, Grandson James 15, Louise,
    new husband Heyward Williams (Class of 62),
    daughter Beth, and grandson Evan 13.

    With fellow BCHSers on the Norwegian
    Gem cruise.

    An update from Mike Mancuso:

    This photo was sent to me by two of my dearest friends. Bob & Chuck made a trip, by car, around the USA & stopped in Manhattan, where I was living at the time (1966). They spent about 2 or 3 days with me in my apartment. Here I am, in the Big Apple, at the old age of 23, dressed for my 1st big boy job as a sales rep for Carter's Infants Wear. Thought you would get a laugh out of this. Oh by the way I also had to have a business hat which was common in those days. Of course I never wore it, I only carried it around. If I wore it, all you would see is my nose starring at you. (click on photo for larger image)


    An update from Bill McMillen:

    Visited with BCHS business teacher Hugh Brown and his wife Alice in Leesburg Florida in 2014. I was visiting in Florida which included witnessing the conclusion of the Great Race ( which ended in the Villages Florida. The previous weekend with my two sons, I watched the start of the race up in Ogunquit Maine. (click on photo for larger image)

    Some unwanted but necessary dental work in the near future, and in mid April, Marilyn and I are planning a week on the road traveling from Memphis to New Orleans with details as to sights and stops along the way not yet determined.


    An update from Pam Hill:

    Hopefully this will be another good year. August 5th of last year I was blessed to receive a kidney transplant and all is going very well. However in October I fell in the shower and wasn't found for 24 hours so I spent 3 weeks in the hospital. I am still doing physical therapy.

    The good news, I will become a great-grandmother in March of this year.

    I hope all classmates are doing well. Like you, Bill I too do feel this is just too cold. As soon as the transplant doctor says it is a go I would like to head South.

    Happy New Year

    Pam Hill Woodside

    An update from Jennie McNab:

    I'm in Venice (Florida since January 3). Followed Kurt (LeBesco) and his wife down in my car. The lady who helped me drive last year had some medical issues, last minute. Needed tests - couldn't leave town. Miss seeing the "gang" - but, don't miss those frigid temperatures. Do I dare tell you the temperature here? You might "jump" thru the internet cable and strangle me!! Have been to the beach, twice. Today is cool - only 60ish. Will be back up in the 70's tomorrow. Life is tough.

    I always look forward to seeing everyone. Sorry to miss the "gang" at lunch. Say a hello to everyone when next you meet...


    An update from Charlie McHugh:

    Only 17 here without the wind.

    Took a road trip to VA, TN , KY and PA to see some stationary friends in 2014. After full time traveling for 12 years we have friends all over the U.S. some are still traveling. It was a new experience, it's the first time in 40 years we did not travel in a RV. We packed too many clothes, and I didn't have the slightest idea on what tools to bring. We discovered that hotels aren't that bad. Maybe we are just getting old.

    I'm interested in the 55th reunion. Maybe we could go spelunking in Knox or climbing. They have virtual golf, why not other activities, or to bring back our youth; Drag Racing on the Delmar bypass. Let me know what help you need.

    Charles McHugh

    From David Utz:

    Currently at our St Lucie Florida PGA Village home until we head North to the Pocono Mts in mid June. All the best to Class of '61!


Classmate Contact Updates

    There have been updates to the contact information in the 2011 Reunion Booklet for Dave Allen, Bonnie Andorn, Mike Arnold, Dave Bartley, Pam Caparaso, Pat Carl, Betty Chestney, Bill Drozd, Vance Everett, Val Farny, Linda Fuhrman, Linda Gmelch, Elaine Ham, Ray Harbeck, Jim Hulihan, Barry Isbister, Bill Kemp, Bob Kibbey, Tom Korns, Paul Kositzka, Frank Kukuk, Mike Kunz, Kurt LeBesco, Robyn Madison, Mike Mancuso, Nanci Mullens, Bill Pfeif, Dorothy Raymond, David Utz, Gary Van Allen and Brian Warner. The new contact information is available on the Classmate page of the Website (Login Required).

News Around Town...

    The BCHS Class of 1960 will be holding their 55th Reunion on Friday and Saturday, October 23 and 24, 2015. If you are interested in attending, more information is available Here >>>.
    Bethlehem wins championships in girls softball and soccer! The Bethlehem boys volleyball team won their fifth consecutive sectional championship. More information about BCHS sports highlights Here >>>
    The sale of the Helderberg Castle is imminent according to the Times Union. The article contains some history and photos of the property Here >>>
    The Levie barn along Route 85A in New Scotland will be demolished in 2015 unless volunteers find a new use and location. Times Union article Here >>>

Did you know...

    ...That Thacher Park just celebrated it's 100th anniversary? One hundred years ago, on March 4, 1914, Emma Treadwell Thacher, the widow of Albany Mayor John Boyd Thacher, donated to the state, 350 acres of land surrounding the couple's summer retreat in the Helderbergs. The Times Union article with more information and photos can be viewed Here >>>
    ...The red brick Cedar Hill School, or the "little red schoolhouse", was originally a one-room schoolhouse facing the River Road. Built in 1859 it is the oldest continuously active school building in the town and has been the home of the Bethlehem Historical Association since 1965. More info Here >>>

A commentary on becoming a Senior Citizen

    A LOL funny YouTube video about the trials and tribulations of aging and becoming a senior citizen can be viewed Here >>>

Recent Class of '61 Lunch Attendees

    Pete Bauer, Val Farny, Linda Fuhrman, Sue Fuller, Dean Hartley ('60), Marilyn Jones, Kathie Jorgensen, Bob Kibbey, Kurt LeBesco, Robyn Madison, Jennie McNab, Bill McMillen, Ed Miller, Ester Murphy, Mary Myers, Dave Newell, Ruth Rector, Lynn Snyder, Dorothy Tougher, Carolyn Van Allen, Gary Van Allen, Vince Williams and Sue Yaple.

    All classmates are invited to the lunch meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, where in the next few months, we will begin to discuss plans for the 55th 2016 reunion.

Please let us know if you are changing your email address or home address. Your contact information can be updated securely via the website Here.

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