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63 long years ago we left the comfortable nest that was our Alma Mater. We were young, apprehensive, hopeful and innocent. 70 somethings were old folks - and we were NEVER going to become old ourselves. Old folks were out of touch with the real world. They wore frumpy clothes and sensible shoes. They sat in rockers a lot and bored us with discussions of their various aching body parts. But the years flew by. We became young people. Then quickly we morphed into middle-aged adults. And now, undeniably, we find ourselves slipping into our senior years. It has been an interesting journey filled with once unimaginable challenges, joys and sorrows. Youth and innocence are no longer ours, but the years have shown us how important it is to cherish life's simple joys and given us a new perspective. (Dare we call it wisdom?) Life has taught us to be more caring, more patient, and less self centered. We are more relaxed and self-confident. Slightly ahead of the Baby Boomers, we are in the vanguard of a new age of seniors. With luck we can lead the way into an era in which seniors can work longer, contribute more to society, and enjoy life as never before.
~~Robyn Madison Potter          

Early History Of Delmar High School and BCHS

An Editorial in the 1929 yearbook has the following to say. "1929 will be an important date in the history of this school. It marks the graduation of the first class from Delmar High, and it also marks the first edition of THE ORIOLE. It was taken for granted that a class would graduate in 1929, but the establishment of a Yearbook was not so certain..."

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A Facebook post by the Bethlehem Town Historian

"This year marks the 70th anniversary of Hamagrael Elementary School. All of our grade schools have rich and colorful histories, but I think everyone might enjoy this great series of (10) photos from 1954-55 – Hamagrael’s first year. When they opened that September, the classroom furniture hadn’t arrived, requiring everyone to sit at folding tables. The cafeteria itself wasn’t ready to serve children until halfway through the year, so it was bagged lunches for students, eating with their teachers in class.

John Falvey was the first principal and served well into the 1970s. I don’t have student names for this series, but click each photo for teacher names. And check out that old “Cafetorium” divider they used as a backdrop in these shots, which is still in use today – the very same my youngest smashed into, head first, about six years ago during a disconcertingly physical game of basketball (for 2nd graders, anyway).

Know some of these fresh-faced kiddos?"

( The orginal facebook post was in the Bethlehem Historical Association group on January 30th )

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Note: The photo of Mrs Erkson's class was part of the Bethlehem Town Historian's Facebook post. The photo of Miss Colby's class was provided by Sharon Adams Schmid.

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Dave Gregory, Kathie Jorgensen, Beryl Livingston, Lynne Snyder and

Linda Fuhrman - A poem written in 1961

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Mike Mancuso

Judy Skidmore (Grave Marker)

Earl Flavin (Date of Passing)

Tom Johnson (Date of Passing)

Peter Leisenfelder (4/7/1961) and John Newell (4/7/1961)
During the course of doing research regarding our class history by Cliff Lamere, we remember the accident just two months before our graduation that took the lives of classmates Peter Leisenfelder and John Newell, and junior class member William Hammond with serious injuries to three others. The Knickerbocker News story, as it appeared on April 7, 1961 is the article you will view if you continue. If you do not wish to view the scene of the accident or the associated news story, please do not follow the links.

Jocelyn Daniels (Found Obituary)

Sue Yaple (3/30/2023)

In the Teacher's Section, Mr Hugh Brown, Mr Fred Burdick, Mr Dominick DeCecco,

Dick Feldman, Mrs Hosey, Ms Newell and Ms Palumbo, Mrs Roberta Glatz,

Mr Joseph Guerrera, Mrs Mary Johnston, Mr Warren Kullman, Ms Lois Mannheimer,

Mrs Doris Pock, Mr Louis Spelich, Miss Arlene Superko, Mrs Phyllis VanDemark,

and Mr Gene Webster.

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Kathie Jorgensen (phone)

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Marcia Lipschitz (email)

Dan Zabriskie (home address, phone)

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